Tests of time HA! Inquiries of a past hobby

So it’s been awhile but aside of being busy getting ready for the navy I have been dabbling in a past interest I never explored and that’s stock market trading. Why does this interest pop out of no where is the same fundamental question I have been asking myself for the last week. Is it the undeniable monetary possibilities that come with it or the risk that drives me when dealing with such an unpredictable entity since much like life is the economy, ever changing. I have the interview today to take part in that interest but I think I may be stretching myself too thin, but if I am then I will back off it and store it away for another time šŸ™‚ no worries since if there is anything I can count on it’s my adaptability to situations and rearranging my life to be less packed and more thought out and organized lol

I view things and events as stepping stones onto my future of biology and further education for me and my family but I my just be getting ahead of myself to be honest


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I am a 28 years old, happily married as well as fun, loving and fully aware of the world and its possibilities but also its consequences. I use words as a way to convey my feelings and opinions but also as a way to tell stories and inspire. I like to find common ground with everyone I meet. I speak through the words I use to broadcast my creativity and words of wisdom if them end up being interpreted in a way that helps and inspires others. I love people and I enjoy hearing the stories and daily excitement of others. This is surely my first blog adventure but I am sure to enjoy every up and down. I like many movie, music and food types ( just ask if want to know specifics). I am a nature lover by heart and believe in the preservation of life and the sustainability of the circle of life in a balanced manner. I enjoy laughing and telling a good joke whenever the situation presents itself lol. I am super friendly almost to the point it seems as if I may be flirting but I might be and not realize it....haha I am also very educated and know quite a many things about various topics. I like to teach, I am joining the navy this next year to resume my progression of my masters afterwards and becoming an micro biologist....but lately i have been writing a lot and I do believe I may have found my actual calling, and that is literature. It inspires and believes in my as I do it. I refer to writing as a real living thing because it lives within us and we express it at the least at its most primitive level

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