Good morning from Chicago my awesome viewers. This morning I have an interesting question.

Do you or have you ever woke up with a predetermined title to your day, such as the one I have labeled this blog entry. It doesn’t matter whether you do it in the morning or to conclude your day. Do you do it? Does it happen when something in your day directly defines it. Examples being someone runs into you but just keeps going like you were inconveniencing him with his ignorant lack of consideration for you and that he could give two shits less about you and bam a word or series of words pops in above your brain This is a “What the…..fuck ever, kinda day” as of now. It Could change but in that moment you have set the tone or attitude for the day or maybe it didn’t but it sure did apply a small title or a topic to the book you call this fucking day. I am not saying everyone does it but I am more than certain we think about it enough that when we slide into our bed, box, hammock, at the end of the night we say okay this day is now over regardless if great, not so great or just another day. I sure do this, I wake up and depending on many variables and how they align is how I think the title of my great daily adventure with start and shape throughout my day to the climax and to the cool down I will probably call out while in my boxiers….”thank god this day is over, thank you supernatural powers that drive such a silly state of Goverment where I have to work way to hard everyday and probably not retire till the skin has begun to sag from my withered bones” ahahaha or something along those lines ahahaha but really you got to have those morning where you wake up stretch and either your excited or you hit the snooze “make some kind of over exaggerated noise at your noisy companion called a alarm clock/phone and or watch” and at that moment it’s a great day or a I don’t give a fuck about getting out of this bed day!!! My conscious tells the world I have left for nap time island and won’t be back. Peace out!!! Lol


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I am a 28 years old, happily married as well as fun, loving and fully aware of the world and its possibilities but also its consequences. I use words as a way to convey my feelings and opinions but also as a way to tell stories and inspire. I like to find common ground with everyone I meet. I speak through the words I use to broadcast my creativity and words of wisdom if them end up being interpreted in a way that helps and inspires others. I love people and I enjoy hearing the stories and daily excitement of others. This is surely my first blog adventure but I am sure to enjoy every up and down. I like many movie, music and food types ( just ask if want to know specifics). I am a nature lover by heart and believe in the preservation of life and the sustainability of the circle of life in a balanced manner. I enjoy laughing and telling a good joke whenever the situation presents itself lol. I am super friendly almost to the point it seems as if I may be flirting but I might be and not realize it....haha I am also very educated and know quite a many things about various topics. I like to teach, I am joining the navy this next year to resume my progression of my masters afterwards and becoming an micro biologist....but lately i have been writing a lot and I do believe I may have found my actual calling, and that is literature. It inspires and believes in my as I do it. I refer to writing as a real living thing because it lives within us and we express it at the least at its most primitive level

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