The Indecent Trekking Mud on A Most Likely Decent, Tired, Hardworking Soul

On my way to the field museum, but hat do i witness first a confrontationI a white man of about 55 giving a conductor of a different ethnic origin a hard time for asking him to move his stuff out of the way of the path and then after coming back had to move it for him so he or anyone else would not fall. He then decides he is gonna threaten him by saying he is going to talk to his supervisor who he knows. In my personal reason think this is unfair to the conductor because he is just being thoughtful and being respectful as well as following policy. The older man then continues to be disrespectful and condescending to the head conductor in charge who comes over to speak to him by jotting his name down and making snide remarks. The older gentleman decides that he is gonna spend his trip and his dwindling time on yhis earth by contacting anyone he knows to get a small matter to be taken care of in a big way. Is there no decency at all in a already messed up world……

So I have had a moment to analyze this confrontation, and have confirmed that we rarely collide but whatever the reason at hand when it does happen, the person within that seeks selfish justice that is next to overreaction comes to the surface and with that ruins whatever positive outlook could have been created from the situation. Instead we are left with ruin and a possible now sour individual (s) that now are broken out of place vessels in the world harboring harsh feelings and a disposition that is next to murder for those who are innocent bystanders that are not expecting those people to blow up causing irreparable damage to those around them. Almost seems as the discrimination in the world was only starting even so many years…sure we moved beyond just killings but more so now is the emotional humiliation and financial ruin of an individual(s) regardless gender, nationality and or cultural differences ex. white, black, green, Jews, American, Turkish ect ect


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I am a 28 years old, happily married as well as fun, loving and fully aware of the world and its possibilities but also its consequences. I use words as a way to convey my feelings and opinions but also as a way to tell stories and inspire. I like to find common ground with everyone I meet. I speak through the words I use to broadcast my creativity and words of wisdom if them end up being interpreted in a way that helps and inspires others. I love people and I enjoy hearing the stories and daily excitement of others. This is surely my first blog adventure but I am sure to enjoy every up and down. I like many movie, music and food types ( just ask if want to know specifics). I am a nature lover by heart and believe in the preservation of life and the sustainability of the circle of life in a balanced manner. I enjoy laughing and telling a good joke whenever the situation presents itself lol. I am super friendly almost to the point it seems as if I may be flirting but I might be and not realize it....haha I am also very educated and know quite a many things about various topics. I like to teach, I am joining the navy this next year to resume my progression of my masters afterwards and becoming an micro biologist....but lately i have been writing a lot and I do believe I may have found my actual calling, and that is literature. It inspires and believes in my as I do it. I refer to writing as a real living thing because it lives within us and we express it at the least at its most primitive level

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