Tests of time HA! Inquiries of a past hobby

So it’s been awhile but aside of being busy getting ready for the navy I have been dabbling in a past interest I never explored and that’s stock market trading. Why does this interest pop out of no where is the same fundamental question I have been asking myself for the last week. Is it the undeniable monetary possibilities that come with it or the risk that drives me when dealing with such an unpredictable entity since much like life is the economy, ever changing. I have the interview today to take part in that interest but I think I may be stretching myself too thin, but if I am then I will back off it and store it away for another time 🙂 no worries since if there is anything I can count on it’s my adaptability to situations and rearranging my life to be less packed and more thought out and organized lol

I view things and events as stepping stones onto my future of biology and further education for me and my family but I my just be getting ahead of myself to be honest


Adventures of the Exemplary Path to Greatness with a Stumble or Two lol

The day before Yesterday was a day of weariness and tiredness for me. I assumed my appearance at the monthly navy meeting but this time we had PT(physical training) in which I have been vigorously training towards for when I get into basic training. I felt off yesterday and did not preform as well as I wanted, I certainly didn’t do the worst but it was fun tho to bond with the other recruits, I don’t feel as well now but so I understand my underperformance was due to overworking myself; plus group activities with new people always make me feel weird…haha it’s just me most likely.

So on another note the rigorously feared obamacare bill passed and now we are subjected to an appearance of lies and deceit but whatever since the common man is too busy trying to survive to object too anything. While the government tries to stabilize the budget and at the same time say here cheaper healthcare but what we don’t realize is once you agree to the contract for cheaper healthcare, your locked into the terms in which you so precariously and irresponsibly agreed too without reading or understanding the terms. So I am person without healthcare, who has not had healthcare in 5 years who is now going to be force fed a health care premium In which I cannot afford..since I could not in the first place or I would of had one. Now I will be subject to fines for a freedom taken away, eaten and regurgitated but this time I am being force fed it :/ yuck who wants to eat that recycled lie lol…. Not I my friends!

So onto a little lighter feeling, so I have been with blogging site for a few days now and I am starting to really feel the buzz and excitement as I read, like and comment on people’s blogs finding common interests and uniqueness within the writing. Within those qualities I am meeting you people and getting to know you thru your writing, opinions and interests. I feel like I am juicing you guys and getting to the core of your blogs and let me say it’s going down smooth 😉 hahaha

So in explanation for the topic choice, I simply believe our paths in life with lead us to where we wanna go as long as are the ones leading the path and building it. Like any other person we will stumble to the left or right.. Or maybe fall off completely but we can make it back if we will it, ther is if I might add a type of disheartening in my generations willpower or tenacity If I might add that scares me… We are the dreamers and the achievers but we seem to give up too
easily in the face of any kind of opposition. Lets not be scared or regretful of what is but rather have no regrets of what we have done or what we will do to get there…. Wherever that might be, be confident, walk with strength knowing you will try and there is a better chance for success knowing you did. If anything you will grow as a person, because

what doesn’t kill only makes you stronger


what doesn’t kill you, you could let cripple you

but I am going to go with the first quote and take my chances on the path to greatness in which we all want… To be great

Night, i am out! Lol


The Sunshine & Apples in Venting…..

To start off my first blog experience for you all is a vent session of the complicated but loving life of mine, I can only imagine the amount of blogs you all scroll through…thinking wow…a reoccurring theme that a lot respond to with….GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!!! But oh well…..hahaha! Well at 24, I haven’t finished my college degree completely but I am now married and expecting our first child Kalliana 😛 I have taken the direction of enlisting in our high spirited U.S Navy which will prove to be one of the shittyiest but most rewarding experiences of my life. The only issue that bothers me right now is my lack of so needed social interaction, hence why me and my intricate personality have come to this virtual community gathering of folks of all types and backgrounds.

  Talk about being driven insane by the lack of social interaction. I find myself snapping sometimes because other than my sweet wife to talk too, I am at a loss in a town that has nothing but back stabbing dead beats lingering about to select from to socialize with and it sucks but maybe I am just acting like a young adult falling down to earth only thinking about whether I let my dog out to piss before I left to jump from this plane not knowing this parachute of life isn’t going to open to stop my life….complaining about my life isn’t a regular thing for me, tonight it is…lol. I long for adventure and socialization not only within myself but for my family.
 I work a job that’s cool, but then again I find myself lonely for choosing a path of honesty and steadfast bravery against the asshole I would label a boss in disgust, who thinks because he has been there in that one store that should have died years ago, for 20 years that he is some kind of god that rules the sporting goods front. “So wrong is he” yoda would say but then again maybe I shouldn’t give the guy a hard time since he has nothing but this job to fall into since he goes through these periods where he’s there every moment to not being there at all during his shifts for some bullshit excuse that means absolutely nothing to me, and why he is at it….why would he tell me, he knows I would rather feed him to the lawnmower than care about his excuse to leave work for the day to go chug down a few pinks at the local watering hole with his false friends he gives a ridiculous discount too. He’s a dictator that is watching and putting holes in his ship he calls Dunham’s and watching it sink from afar while he sits in a lawn chair, drunk sucking on his baby toe. What a fucking asshole, I hope whatever god he believes in comes down and rips him limb from limb. Honestly I would like to just tell that guy that his job isn’t worth putting 15 or so workers thru daily hell and making us follow half ass store policies that are bullshit and set up for him to make it thru the day with no resistance. Aside from that negativity, I have been slowly getting into shape which takes all my free time….which is all but cool hahahaha but hey it’s nice to look good 😛 I need to be prime to compete athletically with all these damn younger guys going into the navy lol……Its like I am competing to make sure I can outrun these guys when the bullets start flying overhead aahaha….A/B/Boy why are you untying you shoes? Well I run faster without my shoes on…..why would you do that? Toooooo outrun you fool lol derp derp.

-_-….fun ahhahaa