Scattered sunlight before it’s death

So today is the last day(monday) before the opening day of archeryppdeer season(day of overly exercised massacre of an animal species)! This day in general before the biggest day of hunting brings back memories of a long ago past which I have not traditional followed up with in a long time. I grew up in a typical hunting family, one which prepares by scouting our hunting grounds 2-3 months in advance, sighting in the rifles, buying bait, setting up the blinds or tree stands(which we think fools the deer but they realize we are just dumb…haha), putting the bait out ( relatively 30-45 yards from the blind, again thinking the deer won’t see us that far away behind some logs…haha) than sitting in the cold thinking…”can I kill this amazing creature…I am not starving for food and I do not give two shits about killing a buck with a big rack” hmmm what a conundrum I have stumble onto!

Then I snap back to know and I enjoyed the excitement of getting ready for it and the stalking of the animal just I didn’t see why I had to kill it…..I already knew how and that experience and skill would never leave me for as long as I lived, so the I have become a bird watching sort-a-speak. yeah…..

So I chose the title because even tho I no longer technically hunt I come into contact with those who like to break me down for no longer taking part in the tradition lol because they cant grasp the fact I stand behind a hunting counter selling products for different hunting seasons while no longer being a hunter ahahahaha makes my day!