I’m Back and Dedicated as Ever!

Dear Followers and Future Followers,

I left you guys with some junk posts and a few quality ones but I am back to do renovations and a complete overhaul of this blog and push my blog forward and make something respectable from it and hopefully transition it into a job or career since my love for writing is important to me and I have to work to get it done.

So the social structure of human kind has always been a big interest for me from the most complicated down to the most primitive of sorts; from rich to poor;  from my asshole neighbor to most kind. I want to push my blog more towards this topic because the fact that it is something people can relate to and understand or not… lol! I want to be honest when I say I got this Idea from the 2007-2012 hit show Gossip Girl. This show has inspired my love for not only creative writing and catching twisting plots with straight forward characters that are easy to read but their humility is astounding regardless of it being fiction writing. I want to be just on all forefronts of this topic and express my opinions thoroughly on various topics and as follows I want you to bring to me, topics that you want opinions on and comment on the ones I provide to you. What is a active blog without active followers.
Also i am gonna continue my random topics of various daily events that are no more then just venting and cherishing everything.